du Jardin des Gourmandises
About us....

The French bulldog is an outstanding breed that requires high quality care and self-denial because of the complexity and costs of its breeding. That's why I have deliberately chosen to put my other professional activities to a halt to devote all my spare time to my modest kennel. I can now spend with them the time and attention they deserve.


All my breedings are carefully chosen to match my high expectations. It sometimes takes quite a long way to find the right partner for my bitches. All the criteria are carefully examined as well to select not only the healthiest but also the most sociable and beautiful dogs. All our Frenchies are LOF registered of course.


I also wish to emphasize that all our dogs and puppies live in our own family home. So they can share our affections as well as our cushions. We take a very special interest in the early socialization of our puppies for their pleasure and ours.


In short, passion for the breed is my motto that leads my life and decisions. It's this passion, I couldn't live without, that daily fulfils my  expectations !


Holder of Certificate of ability to dog breeding   -   Diploma of Specialized Veterinary Assistant


Breeder member of the French bulldog club in France since 2002.

Company number 488 521 543 00030

+ 33 (0)6 21 31 58 41